Animal Welfare, Ethical Production & Traceability

The production process of animal sera complies with Animal Welfare principles established by OIE - The World Organisation for Animal Health:

Biowest is aware of the ethical responsibility concerning the use of animals and their welfare.
We ensure valuable animal welfare by applying the International Five Freedoms Guidelines of basic animal needs freeing them from:

  • Hunger
  • Thirst
  • Fear
  • Pain
  • Disease.

We aim to comply with the International Three "R"s:

  • Reduction in numbers of animals
  • Refinement of experimental methods
  • Replacement of animals with alternative technologies avoiding experiments on live animals.

Biowest only works with fetal bovine blood collected as a by-product from cows slaughtered for reasons unrelated to their pregnant condition.

To ensure the ethical production of Fetal Bovine Serum:

  • We implement procedures in the bleeding process that eliminate the risk of the fetus feeling any pain.
  • Blood from unborn calves is collected only after they are certified dead, and the absence of vital signs is confirmed.

European FBS benefits from Welfare Guidelines - for animal treatment on farms, during transportation, and in slaughterhouses - laid out by EU regulations.

European FBS certifies BSE testing and complies with EU standards regarding the use of GMOs and hormones.

Ear tagging and farm labelling enable serum traceability back to the individual animal assuring a reliable product with an "ID" or "Passport".



European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) experts have completed a study which examined the animal welfare issues relating to the slaughter of pregnant farm animals in the European Union. This study gives a scientific opinion which increases the knowledge and understanding of these issues and ultimately, contributes to the improvement of animal welfare in Europe.

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