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Biowest - 30 years of serving life sciences

Quality, efficiency and transparency’s commitments have made Biowest a European leader for over 30 years. Combined with a fully integrated supply chain and confident distributor network around the world, Biowest have earned the trust in life sciences field.

Founded in 1987, Biowest is the European leader in the collection of animal sera, providing the widest range of sera and cell culture media available on the market.

In 2004, Biowest was acquired by the Viking/Serascandia group, collectors of animal by-products in Latin America; to become the first serum company vertically integrated from raw material to finished product.
Our products are employed in the production of biopharmaceuticals and vaccines and in the academic, governmental and industrial research sectors in fields spanning the areas of cell biology, genomics, proteomics, virology, immunology, innovative drug research and toxicology.

Biowest is certified ISO 9001 : 2015 and ISO 13485 : 2016 (Biowest SAS France facility).

We work with a strong commitment to quality, reproducibility, traceability and service.
Our success is founded on a combination of competitive prices and a wide range of geographical origins.


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Accountability and traceability

Biowest supervises the entire manufacturing process from the collection around the world to the shipment of bottled serum from the warehouse.

We therefore guarantee a vertically integrated system of production and documentation.
Using specialized equipment, detailed SOPs and audits, Biowest ensures quality control at every stage and low intra-lot variation.


Worldwide sources of sera and widest range of products

Biowest is the ideal partner for both researchers and biopharmaceutical companies.

We propose a wide range of geographical origins of bovine sera.
Biowest is aware of the importance of choosing the right serum origin, as different applications allow the use of different types of origins with different prices.
Biowest guarantees the best choice of sera origins for all needs.


Pure efficiency

  • Best quality and premium service
  • Wide range of sera geographical sources
  • Commitment to addressing special requirements
  • Full traceability and security due to vertical integration

Biowest runs SAP S4HANA as complete and integrated ERP solution.