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Biowest label

We are happy and excited to introduce our brand new Biowest label to the world.
As you might know, we recently updated our visual identity to reinforce our ambitions and our international dimensions.
It is the continuity of that change. From now on, you will start to see our new label in each of our deliveries to you.

COVID-19 Situation

Covid-19 disease is now spreading all over the world with dramatic consequences. To fight back these unprecedented events, our government like many others have adopted unprecedented measures causing many supply chain disruptions.
As a company, we have a social and societal responsibility. Therefore, we have a duty to facilitate the confinement measures taken by our government to help protect our collaborators and their relatives to the best of our abilities. Biowest products are also essential to many health and safety research programs and in vitro diagnostic and vaccine manufacturing.

VIDEO - FBS Value Chain - ESPA

Take a look at this video about FBS !

Harvesting Fetal Bovine Serum saves human and animal lives and helps replace and reduce the use of live animals for research and testing.

Do you know exactly how it is produced to assure a high quality FBS product in compliance with ethical considerations?