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FBS - Current situation

In the past few years, the market situation for FBS has drastically changed. FBS is a by-product of harvesting cattle for the meat industry. This means there is no way to increase the global available amount. For now, the availability of FBS is not getting better and seems to be continiously decreasing year after year.
This market faces different new factors that will continue affecting the availability of FBS. Indeed, Brazil is now allowed to send beef to China, given that the animal is less than 30 months old, this contributing to the global shortage, Brazil being the second fetal bovine serum producer. Moreover there is only 4 areas in Brazil approved for export in Europe. (EC 206/2010)
In addition, farmers are trying to increase their herds and are vigilant about the cows they send to the slaughterhouses.
We are trying to optimize our rates as much as possible to provide competitive prices to our customer. Unfortunately the current situation forces us to review our price policy. As a leading global FBS supply company, Biowest tries to keep you informed as much as possible. As a result of limited avaibility and an increasing demand, the price of South American sourced FBS will drastically increase the next year.