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COVID-19 Situation

Covid-19 disease is now spreading all over the world with dramatic consequences. To fight back these unprecedented events, our government like many others have adopted unprecedented measures causing many supply chain disruptions.
As a company, we have a social and societal responsibility. Therefore, we have a duty to facilitate the confinement measures taken by our government to help protect our collaborators and their relatives to the best of our abilities. Biowest products are also essential to many health and safety research programs and in vitro diagnostic and vaccine manufacturing.

After a partial shutdown of activities from March 18th to March 20th included to activate our activity continuity plan measures. Biowest will reopen its activities to a lower level to both comply with the health and safety measures in force and continue serving our customers across the world to the best of our abilities.
In relation to our activity continuity plan, we require an attestation that the goods shipped are intended for health and safety research programs, for diagnostic kit or vaccine manufacturing.

While operating with lower manpower be sure we keep in mind our customer’s satisfaction as a primary focus.
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