Our Media

Standard Cell Culture Media

Biowest media formulations are manufactured according to original publications, standards set by the Tissue Culture Association and accepted formulations.
Our special media formulations vary from set standards - by the substitution of hydrated, chlorinated and/or salt forms of certain compounds.
These original formulations provide improvements in terms of product performance.



All Biowest equipment, chemicals and raw materials are of the highest quality.
Inorganic chemicals are the finest grade available; analytical, ACS, USP, EP, FCC grade or otherwise.
All other components are evaluated by standards established by Biowest:

  • The new batches of chemicals are added into the process only after undergoing strict Quality Control using the best WFI water quality attained via a process including centrifugal distillation.
  • Our media is also tested for endotoxin.
  • The QC department monitors and stores all in-line measures and values of resistivity.
  • The freshly processed water is cooled down to 25°C before adding the powder.

Equipment and Conditions

All manufacturing equipment used for dry powder and liquid media are composed of chemically inert materials to avoid contaminating the final product.
Biowest produces cell culture media respecting strict environmental regulations regarding sanitary conditions and moisture.
Humidity and temperature are constantly monitored to guarantee that all chemicals are ground into a fine powder.
The liquid media sterilisation is carried out by use of 0.1µm pore sized sterile filter.


Batch Size

Batch sizes media range from:

  • 1 to 10.000 liters for dry powder media
  • 1 to 1.500 liters for liquid media

End Product Testing

Each batch is delivered with a Certificate of Analysis - see Quality Control on Media.

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