Dry Powder Media

Advantages and Use of Dry Powder Media

While liquid Media are convenient to use, there are several drawbacks which make Dry Powder Media as attractive:

  • Long term assays can be carried out using a single batch of dry powder medium
  • Long shelf life
  • Low unit costs - by 3 to 10 times
  • Less storage space required



Dry Power Media - Storage and Stability

Biowest recommends the unused powder be stored correctly to avoid damage by heat, light and humidity which affect its performance.

Dry powder media must be stored:

  • at the indicated temperature
  • in their original containers
  • in dry dark conditions

Any deterioration of the dry powder medium may be recognized by:

  • color change
  • granulation / clumping
  • insolubility

Dry Power Media - Preparation Instructions

Dry powder media are extremely hygroscopic and should be protected from a damp atmosphere.
The package should be closed immediately after opening.
Preparing a concentrated solution of medium is not recommended as precipitates may form.
Supplements can be added prior to filtration or introduced aseptically to sterile medium.
The nature of the supplements may affect storage conditions and the medium shelf life.

Preparation instructions:

1) Measure out 90% of final water volume. Water temperature should be between 15 - 20°C.

2) While gently stirring the water, add the dry powder medium until dissolved. Do not heat.

3) Rinse out the original package with a small amount of water to remove all traces of powder. Add the content to the existing solution.

4) Add supplements to the medium as required.

5) While stirring, adjust the medium pH to 0,1 - 0,3 pH units below the desired pH since it may rise during filtration. The use of 1N HCl or 1N NaOH is recommended.

6) Bring the solution to its final volume by adding water.

7) Sterilize the solution immediately by filtration. Use a membrane with a porosity of 0,22 microns or less.

8) Dispense aseptically the medium into sterile containers

9) Add desired quantity of sodium bicarbonate into water for tissue culture use.

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