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D1020 - Bioguard-A

D1020 - Bioguard-A
Description :

The water required for humidity is a source of contamination which disperses in the incubator. In order to disinfect the water, we recommend Bioguard-A Solution, which contains a disinfectant that does not cause damage to the stainless steel tray, is non-toxic, non-volatile, and extremely effective. We recommend to use Bioguard-A for the water trays of common incubator types. Some larger incubators may use steam-generators or atomizers to control relative humidity levels. Please ask whether Bioguard-A is suited for such incubators as well.

  • Product code : D1020-100
  • Sterility : Non sterile
  • State : Frozen
  • Storage : -20°C
  • Shelf Life : 24 months
  • Shipping conditions : -20°C or dry ice
Cat Number



100 ml

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