msc cells

The mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) are a rare population of multipotent progenitor capable of supporting hematopoiesis and differentiate into osteocytes, chondrocytes, and adipocytes.

In vitro, MSC can self-renew while remaining in an undifferentiated state.

By immunomodulatory properties and potential of differentiation, MSCs are particularly present in clinical trials. The potential therapeutic benefits of mesenchymal cells are the main focus of many research in the fields of cell therapy or bioengineering.

Biowest produced by ABCell-Bio offers MSC from human bone marrow and cord blood.

Each cryovial contains more than 500,000 viable cells after thawing.

Rigid quality control tests are performed for each batch of MSC.

Biowest produced by ABCell-Bio guarantees the phenotype and functionalities of MSC.

Frozen MSC Bone marrow - Biowest, The Serum Specialist

Frozen MSC Bone marrow

Product Code : C1100
State : Frozen
Frozen MSC Cord - Biowest, The Serum Specialist

Frozen MSC Cord

Product Code : C1400
State : Frozen
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