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Salt Solutions

Chemically defined, Balanced Salt Solutions provide an environment that will conserve the structural and physiological integrity of cells in vitro.
Biowest irrigating buffers and salt solutions are sterile physiological balanced solutions intended to safeguard mammalian cells.

Salt Solutions are used:

  • For preparing organ parts
  • During the dissociation process
  • To isolate cell suspensions.

Intermediate steps for cell cultivation include applications are such as:

  • Washing
  • Centrifugation
  • Suspending and counting
  • Analytical methods or biochemical treatments.

Salt Solutions should only be used to maintain the cells in suspension for several minutes to a maximum of a few hours.
These buffers and solutions should not be used for cell culture.
For applications where Ca2+ and Mg2+ ions interfere with enzyme activity, e.g. Trypsin, use the modified buffers w/o Calcium w/o Magnesium.

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