S6010-500 - FreeAdd 1X

FreeAdd is a chemically defined substitute for animal serum.

It provides the necessary nutritional support for:

  • Cell growth
  • Development and expression.
Features :
  • Chemically defined formulation
  • Better or equal culture performance
  • Animal and human origin-free
  • Growth factor-free
  • Ultra Low (recombinant) protein content
  • Free from non-defined components like hydrolysates
  • Sterile produced
  • Applicable to most cell lines, stem cells, primary cells and insect cells.
Benefits :
  • Prevents potential virus contamination
  • Reduces stream processing costs
  • No batch variation
  • GMP production
  • Traceability
  • Certification
  • Multiple packaging options
  • Supply reliability


Commercial Datasheet

FreeAdd 1X - Biowest, The Serum Specialist

FreeAdd 1X

Product Code : S6010
State : Liquid
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