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Fetal Bovine Serum

Biowest FBS : Fetal Bovine Serum is extracted from clotted whole blood collected aseptically from the fetus via cardiac puncture.
Each manufactured batch is rigorously controlled: starting with the collection of the serum, its treatment and production, to the final packaging on our premises.

  • Biowest analyses, classifies and tests its products before shipment to customers all over the world. Each batch is delivered with a Certificate of Analysis.
  • Biowest Quality System can trace raw materials back to the original supplier and slaughterhouse where they were collected. 
  • Biowest vertical integration system provides origin certification and full sera traceability.

All geographical origins can be treated, please contact us for inquires.

  • Discover Biowest Fetal Bovine Sera: (see catalogue) 
  • Invitation to customer : Traceability is a component of ISO audits. Each batch of sterile serum is controlled internally beginning with the importation of raw serum through final filtration and labeling. Copies of all documentation are available in paper and electronic formats. Biowest invites customers to follow a bottle and batch of serum back to the abattoirs and countries from where the raw serum was collected, and confirm the harvesting of raw serum forward to the finished batch of sterile serum. We invite you to become familiar with Biowest's certifications, traceability system, and integrated controls (QA SOPs, SAP) as part of a traceability audit.
  • Read our documentation about FBS : Important information about FBS

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