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General Questions about Biowest

Faq introduction

Below, is a list of commonly asked questions, if you don’t find the answers you are looking for, please contact us.

What makes Biowest a serum specialist?

With more than 25 years of experience with serum as its main activity, Biowest is dedicated to quality and service; to vertical integration, and providing a wide range of origins.

What makes Biowest unique?

Biowest takes full responsibility of ensuring a vertically integrated supply chain to the highest standard of quality, traceability and safety. In 2004, Biowest was acquired by the Viking/Serascandia group to become the first vertically integrated serum company. In the same year, Biowest denounced cases of misrepresentation to the authorities and informed the affected victims; highlighting the importance of serum industry traceability guidelines and oversight, and promoting the creation of the ISIA and ESPA.

What does ISIA mean?

ISIA is the International Serum Industry Association. Its main objective is to establish traceability guidelines and harmonize international import rules, working with government and international authorities.

What does ESPA mean ?

ESPA is the European Serum Products Association (ESPA). Its purpose is to promote the use of serum, the harmonization of regulations, connect companies of the serum processing industry in the EU and Non-EU countries, and represent their interests.

Do I need to test FBS from Biowest?

Biowest FBS Premium has been especially selected to guarantee high performances and low batch to batch variations. You can save time by purchasing pretested FBS (See Catalogue Number S181B).

How should I select my FBS supplier?

The choice of the FBS supplier is based on Quality, Traceability and Safety along the whole supply chain, endorsed by comprehensive documentation; backed up by audits of the supply chain back to the serum source; and covering several years.

How do I select FBS for stem cells?

In addition to normal testing, Biowest also tests FBS for stem cell work suitability. However, it is recommended that batches used for stem cells be tested on specific cell lines for the specific conditions required. Dr Yamanaka in his Nobel Prize winning work related to stem cell research, selected Biowest FBS after testing our batches.