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Important information about FBS

You will find here some important information that can help you choose the right product.

 ISIA 2016 Handhout - BSE update

Biowest Handout - BSE update

To update what you know about the transmission af BSE virus: no need to fear about FBS


 ISIA 2016 Handhout - Compliance

Biowest Handout - Compliance

We obey rules and quality standards: Compliance is one key to recognizing quality

 ISIA 2016 Handhout - Regulatory authorities

Biowest Handout - Regulatory authorities

A worldwide look at veterinary controls



 ISIA 2016 Handhout - Reproducibility

Biowest Handout - Reproducibility

Any change in a research process can change the result: reproductibilty must be a goal

 ISIA 2016 Handhout - laborjournal Toni Lindl-1

Biowest Handout - Laborjournal Toni Lindl

LaborJournal Interviews German Cell Biologist Toni Lindl about FBS - Article in German

 ISIA 2016 Handhout - Animal welfare-1

Biowest Handout - Animal welfare

To know more about how animal ethics are respected in the collection of FBS